Rio de Janeiro Private Guide

I can offer you an excellent service as your private guide in Rio. Understand why.

I Keep myself updated

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In my opinion, a private guide should be extremely knowledgeable. As a full-time, licensed and professional Rio de Janeiro private guide, I read the local and international news every day and keep in touch with other guides to be updated on what is going on and what will happen soon in Rio and in Brazil.

Themes I develop during Rio private tours

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Footvolley on Copacabana Beach

I do not load my clients with tons and tons of historical information on Rio de Janeiro or Brazil. In my experience as a private guide since 2004, I have realised that what most tourists want is only a basic history understanding of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. So as a standard procedure, I give them a very quick and basic historical overview and focus on today’s subjects such as the economy, unemployment, salaries, business, weather, favelas (slums), local lifestyle, habits, contrasts, popular sports, Carnival and many other interesting subjects.

I Live in the Heart of Copacabana

As a Rio de Janeiro private guide I have chosen to live in Copacabana for two reasons:

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Copacabana

1) Most hotels are in Copacabana
Although in Rio de Janeiro being late is somewhat normal even at professional appointments picking up my clients on time is a priority. I drive only a few minutes to pick up my clients at hotels in Copacabana or Ipanema and roughly 15 minutes to get to Rio de Janeiro cruise terminal. The chances of being late due to traffic reasons are low since I am not driving from the suburbs or distant neighborhoods.

2) I explore the neighborhood and can give more precise tips to my clients
I am a Copacabana guide and explorer! I live right in the middle of it and I always walk and drive through it on a daily basis. I know where are the stores, restaurants and bars that interest my clients. Besides Copacabana, I also frequently visit Leblon and Ipanema. I can give my clients many tips on these three key areas of Rio de Janeiro.

My Rio private tours take you also off-the-beaten track

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Lapa

I believe that a Rio de Janeiro private guide should think out of the box to show tourists the traditional sites as well as the local color. That’s what I do. In Rio de Janeiro there are unmissable tourist attractions such as Corcovado and Sugar Loaf, but there are also very interesting places to be visited overlooked by the bigger tour operators. Some of the places are those that only locals know. These are the kind of places I enjoy guiding my clients through.

I specialise in Rio de Janeiro private tours and small groups

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As a specialized-in-private-tours guide I accept only private guiding services and small groups: families, couples, friends and individuals who want a customized and flexible tour. Being a private guide is my everyday job and have shown Rio de Janeiro around to thousands of people. I am happy to have become an expert on small groups private tours. You too can be taken a tour with me. Drop me an email to check my availability when you finish reading this page.

I fit special places on your private tour

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Lagoa Christmas Tree

I always fit on the private tour hidden treasures that are not mentioned neither on my website or on travel guides. These are my secrets and I don’t tell where they are not even to my mom! There are many unforgettable 10-second stops in-between the major Rio de Janeiro tourist attractions. It can be a place where you can take an usual photo of Sugar Loaf or Corcovado, can be a local character, a smart kid I know, a great graffiti tag or drawing of Pelé. It took me years to discover these places and my collection is growing.

I offer Rio de Janeiro Private Tours on a Comfortable Minivan

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Comfortable Minivan

Comfort on a private tour is absolutely essential and, after all, it is your vacation in Rio de Janeiro! I drive my clients on a hybrid eco-friendly GM Zafira. The vehicle is roomy (lots of room for your legs) and easy to get in and out (perfect for people with some mobility problems). The chances of breaking down during the tours are low since it is brand new (2010). The air-conditioned works perfectly, the trunk is huge and there are easy-to-fasten seatbelts for all passengers.

I am a good Rio de Janeiro driver

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Driver

Since a good portion of a Rio de Janeiro private tour is in the car I give driving a very special attention. Driving in Rio de Janeiro is not for everyone neither is driving and speaking a foreign language at the same time. I am proud of being able to do both skillfully. Well, at least according to my past clients (and my critical girlfriend!) I drive very well. I think I was born to drive (among other things, of course) and do it with pleasure.

I have over 20 years of driving experience and have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in Brazil as well as in Europe. During my private tours, I drive carefully and adjust the speed according to my clients profile. The older they are, the slower I drive. Taking a tour with an imprudent driver can ruin your tour and that DOES happen in Rio…

I take Rio de Janeiro traffic into consideration during a private tour

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Traffic

What is the fun of being stuck in the traffic on your Rio de Janeiro private tour? As a professional and experienced private guide I take the road less travelled whenever possible. Besides, I customize the tour in a way to visit the closest Rio attractions during rush-hour and visit the distant sites off rush hour, when the traffic congestion is cleared and we can drive several miles in minutes.

Safety is a priority on the Rio private tours I offer

Rio de Janeiro Private Guide - Drive Safe

My tourists have to feel safe during their Rio de Janeiro private tour. That’s rule number one to me. I personally am a safety-freak and bring that onto the tour to maximize my clients safety. Actually, many tourists hire a Rio private guide with that particular concern in mind. So, I want you to know that my over-precaution gave me so far a zero-incident record. I am proud of it after being a Rio de Janeiro private guide for thousands of tourists. I will keep following my safety procedures to minimize risks to almost zero during the private tours I offer.

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