Frequently Asked Questions about Rio de Janeiro Private Tours by Madson

Can you also do the transfer from the airport to the hotel upon my arrival in Rio de Janeiro?

No. Find out how to easily and safely get from the Rio de Janeiro airport to your hotel here: Rio de Janeiro Airport Transfers

What time does the tour start?

It depends. If it is a half-day tour it can start either in the morning or in the afternoon. If it is a full-day tour it starts in the morning.

Do I need to walk?

There will be several moments to get off the car, take pictures and even do short walks at the tourist attractions. I will customize the tour to meet your walking needs.

Which days are the tours available?

I am available to conduct tours in Rio de Janeiro pretty much every day, all year around.

Is there any time when some specific attractions are closed?

Museums are closed on Mondays. 

Are there worse or better days for some tours?

Walking in the Rio de Janeiro downtown area (business district and old town) is not recommended on Sundays neither Saturday afternoons for safety reasons. If you choose to do a cultural tour (which part of it happens there) there will be no stroll.

Can I post-pone the tour in case it is raining?

That’s negotiable. By the way, in Rio de Janeiro is not unusual that the day starts cloudy or raining and ends sunny or vice-versa.

Will there be other people in the car with us?

No. Once you book one of my Rio de Janeiro private tours, the car and the personal tour guide (me) will be exclusively for you during that time period.

Are the tours conducted in English only?

I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fluently and clearly.

Can I book the tour once I am in Rio?

You can, but since the great majority of the people make reservations in advance, you are likely to find me booked up. The great advantages for you to book ahead are:

  1. It reduces your stress (you know that everything is arranged);
  2. You save vacation time (start enjoying your vacation upon arrival);
  3. No risk of spending time making hasty arrangements with an unknown tour guide.

Can I book without sending you a deposit?

Yes, you can. 

Can the pick up be outside the city of Rio de Janeiro?

No, only at your hotel in Copacabana/Ipanema area (or nearby), or at the Rio de Janeiro cruise ship terminal.

What time does it get dark in Rio de Janeiro?

In Rio de Janeiro it gets dark around 5:30/6 p.m. from April to October and around 6:30/7 p.m. from November to March. 

How much history information do you give during the tours?

Generally, just an overview. If I feel that you are interested in history, then I am happy to provide more historical information. However, the tour focuses more on how is Rio de Janeiro and its people nowadays. Bear in mind that I am not a historian. 

Any other questions or suggestions? Send me a message using the contact form on this page.