Guide in Rio

The best way to visit Rio is by hiring a guide. In the hands of a professional guide in Rio you will visit the traditional Corcovado and Sugar Loaf as well as places that you would not visit without a personal guide. A guide in Rio will maximize your time in the city and squeeze several visits into a day. A private tour guide will be helpful in the following cases, among many others:

You have only one day in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Corcovado

If you have only one day in Rio then this is the perfect case to hire a personal guide. Your time is limited and you need to fit the highlights in one day. No matter how much you have read on Rio before arrival and how to visit the sights, it is unlikely that you will be able to manage the day to visit and do so much as an experienced guide in Rio can do.

You have only two days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Sugar Loaf

A guide in Rio will be extremely valuable if you have only two days in Rio. For example, you can hire a guide in Rio on your very first day and chill out and go to Copacabana beach on the second day, or the other way around. Or, you can hire a guide in Rio for two half days and relax the other two half days. Bear in mind that Rio will invite you to chill out. The promenade in the beginning of Copacabana is the perfect spot to sip a refreshing coconut milk…

You have only three days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Lapa

If you want to visit a lot of Rio on your own, you would easily need three full days. So, once again you can hire a guide in Rio for two full days and relax the third. Rio has really a lot to offer to a visitor. In Rio de Janeiro, there is way more to see than just Christ The Redeemer and the view from Sugar Loaf hill. Two days with a guide and one day on your own is definetely a safe bet!

You have four days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Botanical Garden

Now we are talking. You probably read somewhere that Rio de Janeiro has over six millions inhabitants. Well, in a city that is 12 times Paris in surface you certainly need several days to cover. Do you want a good plan? Two days with a private tour guide, one day just relaxing and chilling out and one day visiting better-done-alone sights. Your guide in Rio can be your best information source about what you can safely do on your own.

You have five days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Niteroi

Congratulations! One city at a time instead of five cities in a day. After all, you are not Japanese! You can spend five days in Rio de Janeiro the following way: two days with a guide in Rio itself, one day with a guide in Niterói (the city across Rio’s Bay) and the remaining two days as mentionned on the previous paragraph.

You have six days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Petropolis

Interested in culture? A day away from the beach? In the mountains? Just add a visit to Petrópolis on your 6th day. Your tour guide can drive you to Petrópolis in about one hour and a half. The highlights of the visit are the road itself, the Imperial Palace and a stroll on its main avenue.

You have seven days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Buzios

Now, it is time to go a bit further away from Rio. You can hire your private tour guide to drive you and spend a full day with you in Buzios, Rio’s two and half hour drive getaway. Once there, you can take a stroll and do some great shopping on Buzios main street Rua das Pedras. Then, your guide can take you for lunch on one of the 20 beaches in town. After lunch you can chill out, get some tan and take a nap. After all, it is your vacation in Rio de Janeiro!

You have eight days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Buzios Fisheman Boat

Did you, by any chance, think that eight days in Rio would be too much? Bear something in your mind: one extra day in Rio is never too much. If you have eight days in Rio you might as well take the 7th and the 8th day in Buzios. There are hundreds inns and guest houses to choose from. Pick one and stay one or two nights in this beach resort. Your private guide can drive you there and pick you up one or two days later.

You have nine days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Caipirinha

Time to relax. Take this day to enjoy Ipanema or Leblon beaches. Have lunch at a Churrascaria (Brazilian all-you-can-eat steak house), drink a couple of Caipirinhas and head to your hotel to take a nap. You will need it.

You have ten/eleven days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Paraty

Do you want to hit the road again? Ask your private tour guide to drive you from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty. Paraty is a charming little town 3 and a half to four hours drive away from Rio. It is a charming colonial city. It is a dive into the Brazil of a couple of centuries ago. Plan to stay at least one night.

You have twelve to fourteen days in Rio:

Guide in Rio - Ilha Grande Schonner

After spending a day or two in Paraty you can end your trip in the state of Rio de Janeiro by staying in Ilha Grande for a couple of nights. It is the paradise of eco-tourism.

This is a real vacation plan for the Rio de Janeiro City and its sorroundings destinations. Such a program is better executed with a professional and licensed private tour guide. Bookmark this site now and check prices and conditions before emailing Madson in order to check his availability to serve as your private guide in Rio de Janeiro.

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