The easiest way of visiting Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer statue is by taking a guided tour. Ideally, your Rio de Janeiro guided tour should be private — you, your travelling companions, your English-speaking tour guide, and his air-conditioned vehicle.

A guided tour to Sugar Loaf may save you a lot of time, hassle, and queue. In fact, the queues to Sugar Loaf have been increasing more and more as Rio de Janeiro becomes a popular vacation destination.

Christ the Redeemer statue, on Corcovado Mountain, is also an iconic landmark that may require a guided tour, especially on very busy days (which have been more and more frequent even in the mid-season).

Evidently, you can skip a guided tour and visit Rio de Janeiro by yourself. However, if you want to experience Rio the best way, in the hands of a professional tour guide, you can count on me.  I have guided more than 1,500 private groups in the last years, and have enough experience and flexibility to customize your perfect Rio de Janeiro guided tour.

You can not afford a private tour? No problem! I have written My Rio Travel Guide with the purpose of guiding travelers on visiting Rio de Janeiro completely by themselves — safely, conveniently, and efficiently! Click below to learn more about the most practical guidebook to Rio de Janeiro.