Rates, Conditions & Payment

I recommend Madsons tour to EVERYONE and ANYONE who is interested in visiting Rio. This is a must see tour and is worth every penny.”
Mike M., Bergenfield, New Jersey.

Flat rate per each 5-hour private tour:

Rio de Janeiro tour guide rate1 adult: ask for a quote now
2 adults: ask for a quote now
3 adults: ask for a quote now
4 adults: ask for a quote now
5 adults: ask for a quote now
6 adults: ask for a quote now

Don’t hesitate in sending me an inquiry NOW to get a precise quote within hours or even minutes.

1 – The tour is totally private — joining a group is NOT possible.
2 – My car holds maximum 6 passengers plus me.
3 – I don’t take groups bigger than 6 people.

Please choose the attractions you want in your 5-hour tour here: Rio de Janeiro Tours

Included in the rate:

–  An easy-going English-speaking guide in a great mood (myself, Madson, a professional tour guide [since 2004] recommended by former customers, National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Footprint) IMPORTANT: I will not send another guide — I will be your guide.

–  An eco-friendly bi-fuel spacious minivan exclusively for you (see photo on this page)

–  Pick up and drop off at your hotel (in Copacabana or Ipanema or nearby)

–  All car expenses (parking, fuel, toll road) and tour guide admission fees

–  A fantastic time with a guide who has guided more than 7,000 visitors!

NOT included in the rate:

– Your admission fees (where applicable)

– Meals (where applicable)

– Drinks (where applicable)

– Tips (totally optional)

“Time is money” and with the time Madson saved me alone, he was well worth the cost ten times over!.”
K.Brown, Dearborn, Michigan.

It is Extremely Easy to Hire and Pay Madson 

Step 1: You e-mail me using the form above on the left to check my availability on the days you will be in Rio.

Step 2: I reply and confirm my availability, rates, and time for pick up/drop off.

Step 3: You reply and confirm the reservation. No deposit is required —  your word is enough.

Step 4: I e-mail you with important details: where exactly to meet, how to recognize me and my car, dress code at tourist attractions, etc.

Step 5: I pick you up at your hotel right on time, and take you on an unforgettable private tour of Rio de Janeiro. You pay at the end of the tour (or before, if you don’t want to carry the money the whole tour). 

In What Car Do We Go?

We go on a GM Minivan Zafira (driver + 4 seats + 2 reasonably comfortable very back seats). The vehicle is new, clean and well-maintained. It is equipped with air conditioning and seat-belts for all passengers.

It holds comfortably:

  • 3 large adults (+ 2 kids or small adults on the very back seats)


  • 4 small-medium adults (+ 2 kids or small adults on the very back seats).

Note: Once the very back seats are in use there is no more room for luggage except for small handbags or small backpacks. Briefly, it is a 7-passenger vehicle without luggage and 5-passenger vehicle with luggage.

Madson Rio de Janeiro Tour Guideim-14918-zafira-habitacle.jpgim-14992-zafira-dessin.jpgim-15033-zafira-dessin.jpg

Comfort Chart
# Passengers          Comfort Level
1                          Extremely Comfortable
2                          Extremely Comfortable
3                          Extremely Comfortable
4                                 Comfortable
5    Reasonably Comfortable for the 5th Passenger
6    Reasonably Comfortable for the 6th Passenger

Note: With 4 passengers ‘Comfort Level’ may
vary accordingly to passengers weight
and size.

Madson is very friendly, humorous, and down to earth, with full of interesting background information to understand what we are seeing, with excellent command of English. We felt safe and comfortable in his vehicle.”
Mari,Honolulu, Hawaii.