What do you get when you take a Rio Private Guided Tour?

Firstly, You Get A Licensed Tour Guide

Rio Private Guided Tour - License of Madson

A Rio private guided tour operator must provide a licensed tour guide. By law, every guided tour in Rio de Janeiro must be led by a licensed tour guide. A Rio tour guide earns his license upon conclusion of a tour guide course that can take up to a year. Once he gets his diploma, he sends it to the Ministry of Tourism, in Brasilia (the Capital of Brazil) and then a few weeks later he finally receives his license (see photo).

An English-Speaking Tour Guide

Rio Private Guided Tour - English Speaking Guide

When you take a reputable Rio private guided tour you will get a guide that is fluent in English. He is able to speak loud and clear as well as fully understand what you say. Since most Brazilians do not speak English (including many tour guides!) it is essential that you choose a Rio private guided tour whose tour guide REALLY speaks English.

An experienced Rio de Janeiro Tour Guide

Rio Private Guided Tour - Experienced Guide

Hiring an English-speaking and licensed tour guide is not enough to experience a memorable Rio private guided tour. You need a guide who has several years of experience as a full-time private tour guide. You need a real professional who offers Rio private guided tours on a daily-basis. A jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none is unlikely to offer you an outstanding service as a Rio private guide.

A Tour Guide with Personality
Rio Private Guided Tour - Personality

A tour guide personality can make all the difference on your Rio private guided tour. An extroverted, outspoken, flexible, understanding and good-humored guide lasts in your mind forever. Your guide has to be a glass half-full person in a way that when the going gets tough, the guide keeps going…with a smile!

Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Rio

Rio Private Guided Tour - Avenida Atlantica

When you buy a Rio private guided tour you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel or at Rio de Janeiro cruise terminal. On a Rio private guided tour you are the boss and arrangements are made to improve your comfort and minimize your hassle.

A Minivan

Rio Private Guided Tour - Minivan

Your Rio Private Guided Tour Package includes a comfortable, roomy and air-conditioned Brazilian-made minivan. The vehicle is new (2010 model), well-maintained, insured and is generally driven by your own tour guide. During your Rio Private Guided Tour the minivan will be running on Ethanol or Natural Gas. Consequently, you will be indirectly contributing to the quality of the air in Rio de Janeiro.

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