Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro

Find below some of the benefits of hiring a tour guide during your stay (or part of it) in Rio de Janeiro. You can benefit from the advantages below if you hire a real professional tour guide, reputable, fully-trained and fully-accredited, really fluent in English, with several years of experience, and preferably especialized in private tours.

Advantages of hiring a Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro:

Your Tour Guide May Be The Only Local You Will Have a Long Conversation With

Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro - English-speaking

Since most Brazilians do not speak English your tour guide in Rio de Janeiro may actually be the only person you will have a chance of having a more-than-a-few-words conversation. Some of the staff in your hotel (or restaurants and bars close by) may speak English (or some, or none!) but, if they do speak it, they are more likely to be busy performing their jobs. Therefore, one of the sure ways of chatting with a local in English and learning about the culture is by hiring a (private) tour guide in Rio de Janeiro.

Another way of having a chat in English with a Brazilian is if you come across with a local that lived, studied or worked in an English-speaking country or took several years of private English course in Rio. Since Brazilians (especially Cariocas, natives of Rio) are very friendly, such a sudden encounter may be very fruitful. But don’t count on that, hire your English-speaking tour guide to better experience Rio de Janeiro!

Your Tour Guide Knows The City Better Than You

Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro - knowledgeable

Rio de Janeiro is huge (in surface, 12 times Paris!). An experienced tour guide has more knowledge on how to visit Rio de Janeiro than you, no matter how many maps you have bought, how many travel guides you read and how many documentaries you watched about Rio de Janeiro. If you have just one or a few days in Rio is your Rio tour guide who can maximize your time in visiting the city.

Your Tour Guide Can Give Your Tips

Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro - Tip

Even if you hire your tour guide for a half-day in Rio de Janeiro that is enough for you to ask relevant questions that will make a difference for yourself for the rest of your stay in Rio. A true tour guide will give you guidance even when he is no longer there for you. In other words, a service-oriented tour guide in Rio de Janeiro will be glad to give you as many tips as possible in order to add more value for your vacation money. Actually, a couple of Rio de Janeiro safey tips can worth more than the rate your tour guide charges you.

Avoid Line Up at Tourist Attractions with Your Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro

Tour Guide in Rio - Queueing

Tour guides in Rio de Janeiro who have a valid license can buy your tickets in some tourist attractions in Rio without the hassle of lining up. That advantage alone can worth having hired your tour guide and you will feel the relief when you see how long a line at, for example Sugar Loaf, can be. A visit to a Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction can be unbearable during high season, especially at some specific times of the day.

Your Tour Guide Knows What Time to Visit What

Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro - Christ the redeemer in the mist

This is pehaps the most valuable local knowledge your tour guide can bring into your tour in Rio de Janeiro. Visiting Christ Statue is particularly critical since it is frequently covered by clouds. A savvy, experienced tour guide will fit a visit to the statue at a more appropriate moment during the tour (although some days the statue is unfortunately covered the whole day). Besides on summer weekends, when Brazilian tourists invade Rio, the time one chooses to visit Corcovado is of extremely importance. But don’t worry about that, leave in the hands of a professional Rio de Janeiro tour guide and he will know what to do.

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