Tour to Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The famous and massive Jesus statue that sets on top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro is officially called Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer). It is 38 meters (130 ft) high and is certainly one of the most visited sights and top tourist attractions in all of Rio de Janeiro.

The Cristo Redentor sets a top the mountain of Corcovado, which is 700 meters (2300 ft) high. The name Corcovado comes from Corcova, which means actually means hunchback.

Why NOT visit Christ Statue

It is hard to find a reason not to visit Christ Statue on Corcovado summit! The simple fact is that a visit to the Christ Statue on Corcovado summit is a truly amazing experience and one that you will never forget. If you do, however, discover a reason not to visit this globally recognized treasure, please email me!  Yes, the experience is that unique.

Why visit Christ Statue on Corcovado Mountain

The list of reasons to take a guided tour to Corcovado and visit the sights is endless. Here are but a few of the reasons that a visit is a must:

-A major Rio de Janeiro landmark

-Breath-taking views

-One of the 7 New Wonders of the World

-It is the largest Art Deco statue in the world

-It is the largest religious statue in the world

-A National Historic Heritage since 2009

-Roughly 2 millions tourists visit Christ the Redeemer every year.

Keep reading below and understand why a visit to Christ Statue is a must.

When to visit Corcovado

The access to Corcovado is opened for tourists and visitors during the day and all year round, including holidays. However, there are some times when visiting is less than optimal due to difficulties in large number of enthusiastic visitors. Due to the crowds, here are a few of the worst times to visit the Christ Statue:

-During the peak season (Dec-Mar)

-During Brazilian winter holidays (July)

-On weekends of the months above mentioned

-During Carnival (Fri-Wed)

-Around New Years Eve

-During Brazilian long weekends (when Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday is a holiday– see Public Holidays in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

However, if you are planning to come to Rio de Janeiro and visit Corcovado as part of a guided tour on any of those days, don’t panic. As an experienced Rio tour guide I have taken literally hundreds of tourist groups to Corcovado. Rest assured, I will make all the necessary arrangements for whatever day you may choose to visit the Christ Statue.