sugar loaf tour rio de janeiro

Sugar Loaf is an impressive rock right at the entrance of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s second most visited attraction is 396 meters high (1300 feet), which is nearly half of the height of Corcovado summit where Christ Statue is placed.

While a visit to Corcovado offers a close look at the Statue of Christ and a view of the city, a visit to Sugar Loaf offers only a view of Rio de Janeiro. But even if it is “only” to see the city, a visit to Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro is definitely a must.

Are there reasons not to visit Sugar Loaf?

In my experience as a tour guide to Sugar Loaf, out of thousands of tourists I have taken to visit such a great attraction, only a handful of visitors have refused to visit due to a fear of taking cable cars. Apart from that, a visit to Sugar Loaf is a must.

Why visit Sugar Loaf

There are several great reasons to visit Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro (especially with a private tour guide). Here are a few of the best:

→ Rio de Janeiro second landmark

→ Breathtaking view of the city

→ Approximately 1 million tourists visit Sugar Loaf yearly

→ 600 million+ years old impressive granite block

→ National Heritage since 1973

Unless you are scared to death of cable car rides, visiting Sugar Loaf is a must during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

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